SmartKey™ Assembly

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Product Overview

SmartKey™ is a revolutionary product which allows conventional mechanical keys to be upgraded to state of the art electronic access control credentials for use with any HID 125 kHz and compatible proximity readers such as CanProx One from Cansec Systems Ltd. These readers are designed to work with virtually any industry standard access control system making it easy to upgrade.

The upgraded SmartKey™ is used in mechanical locks just like before.  No changes to existing locks required.

Get Free Samples to Try


See for yourself what incredible read range SmartKey™ provides! Just order the Free Sample online and we will send a free SmartKey™ to test. Through this form, you can also choose to have us send you a mechanical sample for test fitting.

What frequency does the SmartKey™ system use?

SmartKey™ uses tried and true 125 kHz technology as this frequency provides the best performance when packaged with a metal key. This is the same frequency that is used on hundreds of millions of prox access cards in use worldwide.

Read Range

Placing a prox coil in close proximity to a metal key typically reduces the read range to the point where it has to physically touch the reader, whereas SmartKeys can be read right through the user's hand!



The SmartKey Inc. partners all share a common belief in helping those less fortunate. Not with a “handout” but with a “hand up”. To that end, SmartKey Inc. has chosen to support the Creation of Hope foundation (