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SmartKey™ Conversion Shells fit over the heads of many standard mechanical keys and, once encoded, can be used with any 125 kHz HID compatible reader, including the CanProx One manufactured by Cansec Systems Ltd., just like a regular proximity access card.  With SmartKey™, there is no need to carry a key and an access card!

SmartKey™ Conversion Shells are currently available for Best, Schlage Everest, Schlage C/Primus/Abloy Protec and Jet Big/Neuter Bow.

Best Schlage Everest
Schlage C/Primus/Abloy Protec Jet Big/Neuter Bow

Conversion Shells are designed with a unique offset which allows the embedded transponder to be located well away from the key. This, plus the use of specially wound coils allows 125 kHz conversion shells to be read up to 3 1/2" from the reader, even through a user’s fingers!


Note: Some key-in-knob locks with recessed keyways (like the above) can interfere with the conversion shells.

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